Modellflugtag FMCAO 18-08-18

During my holiday in Germany I was present at one of the days of the Modellfugtage of FMC Alzey Offenheim.
I had a nice spot on the field to take pictures of the rc models that flew by. It was also very good weather so I had nothing to complain about. Besides the air show, there was more like good food and drinks. I’ve had a great time and have seen a lot. Unfortunately, I could not photograph everything because I could only be there for a limited time. The second day on August 19 I was at a different location in Germany with my family so I could not be there. All in all I have been able to take as many pictures as possible and I will definitely come back again !!

I would like to thank everyone who was present at FMCAO and maybe see you next year !!

You can find the photos of the Modellflugtag at FMC Alzey Offenheim by clicking HERE

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